Pre-Test and Other Resources


The Pre-Test is designed to determine the student’s ability in three different beginning areas of Algebra: Number Lines, Cartesian Planes, and Tables.

Scoring Guide

Use this rubric with the pre-assessment to gauge a student’s skill level.


This tracker is an overview of all of the activities available for interventions involving the Multiple Representations.  Use it to keep track of what you have used with your students.


Click a link to view intervention resources by topic.


Linear Functions (Cano)

Linear Function Topics:

  • Multiple Representations
  • Linear f(x) Vocabulary
  • Slope Synonyms
  • x & y Relationship
  • Linear Transformations
  • Linear vs. Quadratic
  • Linear Forms

Linear Function Theme Overview & Description

Left/Right Connection Components:

  1. Multiple Representations
    1. Corner-Fold Shutter Foldable (Output)
    2. H.O.T. Questions (Input)
  2. Linear Functions Vocabulary
    1. Vocab Tab Foldable (Output)
      1. Image
      2. Template
    2. Frayer Model (Input)
  3. Slope Synonyms
    1. Alternative Meanings: Bubble Graphic Organizer(Output)
    2. Glossary w/Illustrations (Input)
  4. x & y Relationship
    1. T-Chart Book Foldable (Output)
    2. Who Depends on Whom? (Input)
  5. Linear Transformations
    1. Foldable (Output)
      1. Image
      2. Template
    2. Venn Diagram or Worksheet (Input)
  6. Linear vs. Quadratic
    1. Circle Thinking Maps (Output)
    2. Venn Diagram Foldable (Input)
    3. Double-Bubble Thinking Map (Input)
  7. Linear Forms
    1. Four-Shutter Foldable (Output)
    2. Which Way Do I Go?: Linear Forms Conversion & Manipulation (Input)

Tables Interventions

This is a list of the interventions included for interventions dealing with tables (#’s 8-9 on the pretest).  It includes types of interventions, size of group, target level, and usage.

A list of activities students can use online in order to improve their skills involving tables.

A list of vocabulary words used to better understand tables.

A worksheet of flashcards using the “tables vocabulary” words students can use to maximize learning.

A “rule” and a list of inputs are given in a table, leaving the outputs to be determined by the student (answer key provided).

On each worksheet, a table of inputs and a function rule are provided, allowing the student to correctly place the input into the function in order to determine the output.

A list of inputs and outputs are provided, asking the student to determine the function rule (answer key provided).


See below (or here) for online videos where students watch an assortment of problems involving tables being solved.  Practice is also available on the site.

[peekaboo_content name=”plotrelat”]


[peekaboo_content name=”app”]


  •   Graphing Lines | [peekaboo name=”graphline” onHide=”»Show Video” onShow=”«Hide Video”]

[peekaboo_content name=”graphline”]



Cartesian Plane Interventions

This is a list of the interventions included for interventions dealing with number Cartesian Planes (#10-15 on pretest).  It includes types of interventions, size of group, target level, and usage.

A list of necessary vocabulary for learning about the Cartesian plane

Flash cards that students can copy then use to study and learn Cartesian plane concepts

1 page (front) of notes about the coordinate plane to give to students

List of various resources online; includes games and interactive quiz.

Smart Board Activity for students to practice plotting points on a coordinate plane – could be used as a station, as a class, or during tutorials.

An activity where students are given points to plot to create a picture; Also includes a blank graph and lesson instructions.

Students are given points and graph paper and must plot the points and connect to create a picture of a robot.

Worksheet for students to practice identifying given points (name the coordinates); the second part they must plot points on the coordinate plane.

 Videos for Cartesian Plane

See below (or here) for online videos and practice for plotting points & labeling quadrants on a coordinate plane.

  •   Quadrants | [peekaboo name=”quadrants” onHide=”»Show Video” onShow=”«Hide Video”]

[peekaboo_content name=”quadrants”]


  •   Plotting Points | [peekaboo name=”plotting” onHide=”»Show Video” onShow=”«Hide Video”]

[peekaboo_content name=”plotting”]