Coach’s Corner

Summer 2012 Reflections

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Moving Forward…2012-2013

This year, you will have the opportunity to schedule two observations with the math coach each semester.  Each observation will consists of three components:

The pre and post conference can occur before school, during your planning period or after school.

Professional Notebook

Your journey as an innovative educator continues with creating a professional iNotebook.  If you are not a cut/paste person, you will have the choice to create a notebook that is in a 3-ring binder or an electronic notebook.  Please make note of the required versus optional components.  This is a on-going project that will begin in August, 2012 and end in May, 2013.  There will be a financial incentive as well as the intrinsic reward that comes from knowing you are growing and learning!

As part of your professional notebook, you will be observing at least one peer during each semester (feel free to do more).  The peer may or may not be part of the STPAT grant.

Peer Observation