Introduction to Web Design

by Kim Moore

  I. Logging In

a)  Go to website:
b)    Menu Barc)  Between the ‘About ETEAMS’ and ‘Research Logs’ is the Login. If you click on that, you will be able to login to the website in order to add new material or edit material that you’ve already created.
d)   You will immediately go to your profile page.  You can change your password, but this is not necessary or required.
e)   To get to the home page, click on  on the top left corner of the screen.

II. Creating a Research Log: Required Elements

a)  Right next to the link to the home screen, you will see From add new, there is a drop down that says research log.
b)  Name your Log.
c)   In the first open box, you can put text, a picture, or leave it blank.
d)  Discussion: you can choose to allow comments.
e)  More Fields: these coincide with the field notes logs provided in your binder.  You need to write something in each of these fields:  Who We Are,  What We Did, What We Learned, Questions We Have, Connections to Teaching
f)  Categories:  This is found on the right side of the screen. You need to check which of the nine projects that your research log belongs to (for ex: Blue Crab Ecology).
g)  SAVE:  At this point, you can either save as draft or publish.

III. Formatting a Log

toolbar revised

  • alignment
  • font color
  • font size

IV. Editing or Deleting a Log

a)    To get back to a log, you can go to the dashboard and click on all research logs.Editing Logs
b)  If you hover over your log, you will have the options to either edit or trash.

IV. Creating a Research Log: Additional Features

a)  Set Featured Image is found on the bottom right of  the screen.  If you click on that, you can either use an image in the media library or upload your own image.

b)  Linking a Document: Add Media allows you to link a word/pdf document. If you are linking a document, you can name that document.  It is recommended you change the color so that others know that something is linked.

c)  Uploading an Image: Add Media allows you to upload pictures. You can choose pictures from the media library or upload your own pictures. When you upload pictures.  You will have the opportunity to adjust the size before inserting into post.

picture size

d)    Creating a Gallery: If you want to insert multiple pictures at one time, you can go to create gallery (left side of the screen once you start adding media).  You will then:

  • Click on pix you want in gallery.
  • Click create gallery.
  • Go to gallery settings to adjust number of columns
  • Click insert gallery.

Gallery Settings

e) Linking to a Website                            

f) Embedding a YouTube Video


  • Share, Embed, Copy Code
  • You need to go from visual to text mode to paste code.  You need to find the correct location within the text mode.

visual text




Family Math Night

by Faydale Curtice

 Family Math Night Activities


Bingo math facts

Bracelet patternsbattleship


Buried treasure

Butterfly cards: symmetry

Domino squares

Easter egg fractions

Envelope tetrahedron

Factor Blaster

Figurate numbers


Fractal sculpture

Fraction dominoesdomino

Fraction tower

Frogs & lilypads

Gallons & gallons


Hashi puzzles



Knight’s tour

Konigsberg bridge

Latin squares  LS

Lattice multiplication  LM

Mayan math  MM

Mind reader

Mobius bandMobius-strip-Blue425

Napier’s bones


Number memory matchup

Pattern block fractions

Place value

Fruit Loop Math



Serpinski triangletriangle

Shape twister

Shikaku puzzles

Soma cubes


Tangram animals


Toma Toda

Tower of Hanoi

Volume of a cylinder

Walk through a postcard

 Origami O

Building geometric figures


Alien Genetics


STEM Thursday, Browne Middle School, May 1st, 2014

Presenters:  Ms. Coates, Ms. Veuleman, Dr. Jeffery, Ms. Buendia, Ms. Ledesma, Ms. Smee

Genetics Powerpoint

Alien Genetics Lesson Plan


Traits Survey and Notes

baby dimples        curly hair          cabbage patch kid            


  • What are dominant and recessive traits?

  • What is homozygous?

  • What is heterozygous?


  • What is a genotype?

  • What is a phenotype?


Making Aliens Student Worksheet

Punnett Square with Aliens

domino             rene

Dominant Recessive Allele Master Copy


Alien Evaluation