Math Circles Meeting: January 31st, 2015

The 2nd meeting of the Islander Math Circles, Spring 2015

FacilitatorsDr. Aubrey Rhoden, Kim Moore


AgendaThe Human Vampire Conflict

I.  Do Vampires Exist?

  • Assumption One: Every time a vampire sucks the blood out of a human, that human becomes a vampire.

  • Assumption Two: It takes a vampire exactly one week to suck the blood out of a human.

  • How long would it take for the entire human population to turn into vampires?

  • What is the limit of the human population in this model?

  • What is the limit of the vampire population?


II. Mathematics of the Human-Vampire Conflict: a few more considerations…

  • Do humans have any defense against vampires?

  • Can vampires mate?

  • Can vampires be destroyed?

  • Are humans dying of any other causes?

  • Are human babies being born?

  • Do vampire have preferences for certain blood types?