Shape Twister Game

Young kids love bright colors and shapes. Visit an elementary school playground some time and you’ll also see: they adore moving around. Here is a kindergarten activity that combines all three—shape, color, and motion— to review basic shape terms that will be especially useful in math later on, when kids move to studying three dimensional shapes and early geometry. More importantly, it gets kids writing and reading, by inspiring them to take an active role.

It’s a fun game that’s kind of like Twister...with a twist!

What You Need:

  • Construction paper- various colors
  • Child safety scissors
  • Crayons or markers
  • 1 metal paper fastener
  • Scotch tape
  • Pencil
  • Lined paper

What to Do:

  1. Set the stage. Explain that this is a fun game using colors and shapes, while following a set of directions that can be a little tricky. Let your child know you consider this a challenge—but one that she can also do well.
  2. Make the game. Have your child use crayons or markers to draw 2 of each of the following shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, circle, & star.  Make them fairly large—at least 6-8” across, and use plenty of different colors of paper. Then lay them in rows on the floor.
  3. Make directions.  Ask your child to create a list of directions. Either you or he can write them on a sheet of lined paper. Examples: “Place your right hand on the ____ .” “Place your left hand on the _____ .” “Place your right foot on the ______ .” “Place your left foot on the ______ .” “Move your right hand and place it on the _____ .”
  4. Make a spinner. Help your child use crayons and construction paper to create a paper spinner showing each of the colored shapes they have created. Draw a circle on white paper, and divide it into sections using a pencil. Have your child color each section with one color crayon. Have your child draw a picture on each colored section to match the shapes they created. Then cut out an arrow from another piece of construction paper, cut it to fit the spinner circle, and fasten it at the center with the paper fastener.
  5. Play! Help your child play the game by reading a direction from their list. Then spin the spinner to determine which colored shape they will land on. Continue until they have identified all of the colors and shapes. This is a great game to play with older siblings as well. After all, you’re never too old to have fun…and learn math while you’re doing it.


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