Memory Match Up

Play Number Memory Match Up!

Play Number Memory Match Up!
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Playing games allows your child to learn, practice and reinforce many useful skills such as following directions, taking turns, and making predictions. Try this new twist to the traditional memory game to help your kindergartner match number symbols to the correct quantity while sharpening her memory skills!

What You Need:

  • 20 index cards
  • Stickers
  • Colored markers

What You Do:

  1. You and your child can work together to make the game cards. First make the ten numeral cards. Using markers, write the numerals from 1 – 10 on each card.
  2. Next, have your child help make the ten quantity cards. You can use small stickers or draw pictures to show the quantities. For example, place 5 stickers on an index card. This is the quantity card to match the numeral card for the number 5.
  3. Once all of the game cards have been made it’s time to begin playing Number Memory! Mix up the cards thoroughly. Lay the cards on the floor or on a tabletop in rows. Make 4 rows with 5 cards in each row.
  4. Have your child turn over two cards. If the cards are a match (a card with the numeral 3 written on it and a card with a picture of 3 objects), she has a match and can keep the pair. If the cards are not a match, both cards must be turned over and returned to their original positions. Then the next player takes a turn.
  5. Keep playing until all of the matches have been found.

Your kindergartner will not only practice matching number symbols to quantities, but she will fine tune her memory skills as well. To challenge your child as she matures, change the memory game to a basic facts memory game. Instead of having numeral cards, make cards for basic addition facts such as 2 +3 =, 2 + 2 =, 1 + 3 =, etc. Your child will find the quantity that completes each addition fact!



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