Making Connections Using the Calendar

by Kim Moore

 Let’s Get UP and Moving

  • Stand up and count by 5’s and 10’s
  • Counting backwards from 20
  • Macarena Months
  • Days of the Week

  Let’s Focus on Today’s Date

  • What is today’s date?  yesterday’s date? tomorrow?
  • How do we show the date with tally marks? base-ten blocks? money?
  • Is today’s date even or odd?  Let’s cheer for evens and odds!
  • What patterns do we see on our calendar?  What shape will tomorrow be?

Let’s Focus on the Calendar

  • How many days in a week? a school week?  the weekend?
  • Literature Connection: Chicken Soup With Rice.


 Problem Solving

  • Guess my Birthday?
  • Scrambled dates…
  • Question of the Day/Stump the Teacher!

More Resources



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