Fall 2012 Math Circles Events

The Fall 2012 Math Circle events are in the Center for Instruction (CI) at TAMUCC.

Date  Time Location Content 
August 15th 3-4pm CI 107 Information and Recruiting
September 15th 9-11am CI 107/108 Combinatorics, Polynomials
September 29th 9-11am CI 107/108 Dynamical Systems, Sequences
October 13th 9-11am CI 107/108 Graph Theory, Equations
October  27th 9-11am CI 107/108 Number Theory, Primes
November 10th 9-11am CI 107/108 Topology, Geometry
November 17th 9am-12 CI 1st floor Practice meet for MATHCOUNTS
December 1st 9-11am CI 107 Real Analysis, Optimization