Pre-Algebra Number System (Luis)

Three foldables that lead you through the understanding of the number system.  This is a colorful and interactive way for students to learn and interact with important math vocabulary.  Click and Enjoy!


This version of the interactive notebook will focus on vocabulary.  It will follow a left/right side approach; however, it’s not the typical left/right side rules.  The left side in this version is specifically for vocabulary.  The right side is for class notes, questions, examples, etc.

The main resource that will be used in my Algebra Preparatory class will be SpringBoard.  A SpringBoard classroom is an environment which supports high expectations for all students as they develop problem solving, critical thinking, and reasoning skills.  One of the main components of the SpringBoard classroom is a Vocabulary Notebook.

SpringBoard states:

The Vocabulary Notebook facilitates vocabulary development for the individual student. It is an intentional tool for students to expand their understanding of academic terms and concepts. The Vocabulary Notebook may be a spiral notebook, a section of the students’ mathematics notebook, or a composition notebook. As students are introduced to Academic Vocabulary, they can explore terms and concepts and discuss other math terms that are encompassed by the word.  Students can complete vocabulary graphic organizers for Academic Vocabulary and add to the organizers as relevant terms are introduced, saving the completed graphic organizers in their Vocabulary Notebook.

iNtbk Cover

Students will personalize their notebook with a unique collage.  They are to bring in their own school-appropriate photos or use pictures from magazines that the teacher has made available in the classroom.  This allows for students to have ownership and want to actively participate in the lessons.  They are also more likely to take better care of their notebook.

Activity 1

Left Side: Natural, Whole, Integers, and Rational numbers

 Activity 1 Left Side Open and Closed

Right Side: Critical thinking questions

Activity 1 Right Side Questions-2 pics

Activity 2

Left Side:  Terminating decimals, Repeating decimals, Irrational numbers

 Activity 2 Left Side Open and Closed

Right Side: Critical thinking questions

Activity 2 Right Side Questions

Activity 2 Questions

Activity 3

Left Side: Really? Real numbers!

Activity 3 Left Side

Right Side:  Checking your understanding table with Venn Diagram

Activity 3 Right Side

Activity 3 Left and Right Side