Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebooks promote student creativity, independent processing and thinking, assessment and feedback, and writing.

Interactive notebooks house interaction between instructor and student, including: class notes, activities, foldables, critical problems, and any other information presented in class. Guidelines vary on the needs of the teacher and classroom.  Traditionally, teacher/student interaction is organized left/right or right/left, but variations now flow sequentially. No matter how implemented , the Interactive Notebook can be effective in any classroom.

Interactive Notebook Project- Collaborative Partners:

Project Leader:

Monica Salas-Cano, King HS

Project Members:

Ana Aceves-Stapp, Collegiate HS

Roxanna Guerrero, Office of Professional Learning

Audra Luis, Baker MS

Melissa Solis, King HS

Implementation & Flexibility

The purpose and flexibility of Interactive Notebooks allows for implementation into all classrooms.  Here are a few ways to implement and use iNtbks:

  • Portfolio
  • Alternative Assmt
  • Checking for Understanding
  • Graphic Orgzrs/Foldables

Can you think of other uses?

Set-up and Resources

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 Themed Units

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